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Congressman John Lewis and Reverend CT Vivian

The Life and Legacy of Congressman John Lewis and Reverend CT Vivian

John Robert Lewis. Cordy Tindell Vivian. Two elders in the struggle for freedom and liberation have transitioned to the ancestral realm. From the ends of the earth, to the hearts of cities across our nation, from the mouths of liberals and conservatives, cries of anguish are heard across the country. Both men embodied nonviolent direct …

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A Conversation on Reparations

A Conversation on Reparations

Join us for a conversation addressing the call for reparations with Professor Randall L. Kennedy, Michael R. Klein Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, and Professor Cornell Brooks, Professor of Practice of Public Leadership and Social Justice at Harvard Kennedy School. The discussion will be moderated by David Harris, Managing Director of the Charles …

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Democracy Behind Bars

NEARLY 6 MILLION AMERICANS WITH CRIMINAL RECORDS including incarceration are denied the opportunity to vote. Not only are these citizens legally prevented from voting, but the right to vote and democracy itself are incarcerated—behind bars of racially motivated, antebellum, and morally antiquated laws that affect voters across race, class, and gender today. Campaigns to re-enfranchise …

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Prof. Cornell William Brooks

When Discrimination and a Pandemic Collide

From the Harvard Kennedy School PolicyCast Hosted byThoko Moyo Produced byRalph RanalliSusan Hughes First there was the shock of realizing that the COVID-19 pandemic would be widespread and lengthy. Now issues of race, equity, and the coronavirus are quickly coming to the fore, as data pours in showing how the virus is hitting minority communities …

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